About the Author/Artist

Jude's Real Life counterpart is a hardworking, 24-year-old college, on an extended haitus from academia. While trekking on that difficult path of mature self-discovery, he's made plenty of mistakes, tripped up several times and stumbled far more than he's likely to admit. Let's just say that bandages are this boy's best friends.

The author spends his time questing in the world of Final Fantasy XI, scripting worlds more fantastic that that of FFXI, or working in the very mundane - but not dull - world of wireless telephony customer service.

Quite true to form, especially regarding rodents, or maybe only regarding the author, he has a perchant of forming romantic attachments much to the chagrin of both his better sense and his lonely heart.

Writing is the author's world, with the Author Himself squarely residing in the Center. Yet whilest this is true, he constantly struggles with keeping his world from crumbling into Jesus Fanboy nonsense.

All in all, the author is a complex individual who prides himself in being not_nice, a caring friend and a diligent follower of the Master.